Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Fictional species: The Enprn (Atticus cuneatus)

Rushing the savannahs of Dernee and Genner's first branches of the Arithan desert, the Enprn or Atticus cuneatus, or, as it's often called, the Red Wind, is an impressive sight. Standing 1,80 to 2,10 metres tall at the shoulder and equipped with powerful legs, it is able to escape most of its predators, and, in turn, can outrun most creatures that are trying to get away. It won't hesitate to eat anything promising - small animals, insects, carrion, fruit, seeds and herbs. Although it can be tamed (at least reported by some), related species are much easier to accommodate.

Sonntag, 19. August 2012

Super Mario 64 devastates me

Remember Super Mario 64's first ice world and the penguin mother who was in search of her baby? One was on top of the hut right behind her and the other walked around near the level's entrance. That one was her offspring, while the other... oh god. As soon as I realized this, my night was done. On the picture below it reads "the second penguin baby in Super Mario 64 has no parents who are looking for him". Why, Nintendo, why?