Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Cavy cave

Undecided color sketch of a cave I imagine much more interesting, but this has to suffice for the time being ;) There, two of my main characters experience a pivotal point in their lives, and because of that, I have to make it worth it!11

 Another dragon-ish creature, this time it's Pyron. He came about on a vacation that we were having 11 years ago, and he's my first "real" dragon character. Quick sketchbook fineliner fun.

Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013


A little something I did for a good friend, it's one of her characters. Painting black things in bright environments is something I really like :)

Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Long time no see

Time to dust this blog off a little. Guess I'll just continue as if nothing happened. I didn't do too much on my private desk, mostly sketches, but better than nothing. ;)

 Quick sketch of basic Sorowèl anatomy, it's a species that's heavily connected to the homo sapiens, but with (mostly) animalistic traits that have been added through the use of the so-called Kaenam, a living mask. As it's always the case, the masks are being used for much creepier stuff - turning people into a giant, cuddly guinea pig is nothing. x) 

Another very quick thing that came along when I was sketching enemy designs for our game project. Since it would have been unwanted anyway, I took the creature home with me ;)

Chicken feet and musculature of Gallimimus, whose name means "chicken mimic". I love ornithomimosaurs! And I'm excited about the "Chickenosaurus" project.