Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Handful of sketches

Some more sketchbook stuff, less cartoony creatures this time.

The face of a new species of my headworld fiction. Its name will be something similar to "Eyuikuey", but I haven't yet settled on that. It is able to smell "three-dimensionally" with its two tongues, similar to the forked tongue of a snake, and the sail on its back helps to determine airflows like a fish's lateral organ. Their home range lies above the ever-so-often foggy and stormy treeline close to the Great Library, so they can't rely too much on their eyes when it comes to orientation and food-finding.

Another head sketch of the aforementioned plus Adrian welcoming Kreyim to his life. It looks like he's doing something else there, argh.

 A species called Kanerodoptrix, which lives in the humid depths of Eneriss' cave systems. It's the oldest thought-up creature of that fiction part and quite generic, but still ;3

A odd-limbed Phantasma without too much meaning, just sketching away ;)

Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Back to the roots

When I was young, me and my cousin told his little sister bedtime stories about us piloting spacecraft, cooking food in energy barriers and meeting video game characters. Our avatars were anthropomorphic animals, and some time later my first real headworld fiction emerged from this. Every now and then, I like to go back to these times, read some chapters and doodle a bit based on it.

This was/is how my cousin, Lulu, looks. A little fox-thingy with a passion for drooling.

A big, big Sorowèl named Frederik wants to shield me, Luna, from the spider invasion. You can tell that I really liked Tiny Toons when I was little ;) The snake-ish thing on the right doesn't have something to do with the picture itself, it's a toy Lulu likes to play with.

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Some bones to remember

After the Christmas holidays, the supermarket around the corner had two leftover rabbits whose date of expiry had arrived, so I bought one and prepared its bones after we had a nice dinner. Not all of them survived the extensive cooking and bleaching, and the paws weren't included in the first place. I accidentally destroyed the axis vertebra, though. It's not super-correct in terms of anatomy, but for my first experiment into this direction, I like the outcome. :)