Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Handful of sketches

Some more sketchbook stuff, less cartoony creatures this time.

The face of a new species of my headworld fiction. Its name will be something similar to "Eyuikuey", but I haven't yet settled on that. It is able to smell "three-dimensionally" with its two tongues, similar to the forked tongue of a snake, and the sail on its back helps to determine airflows like a fish's lateral organ. Their home range lies above the ever-so-often foggy and stormy treeline close to the Great Library, so they can't rely too much on their eyes when it comes to orientation and food-finding.

Another head sketch of the aforementioned plus Adrian welcoming Kreyim to his life. It looks like he's doing something else there, argh.

 A species called Kanerodoptrix, which lives in the humid depths of Eneriss' cave systems. It's the oldest thought-up creature of that fiction part and quite generic, but still ;3

A odd-limbed Phantasma without too much meaning, just sketching away ;)

Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Back to the roots

When I was young, me and my cousin told his little sister bedtime stories about us piloting spacecraft, cooking food in energy barriers and meeting video game characters. Our avatars were anthropomorphic animals, and some time later my first real headworld fiction emerged from this. Every now and then, I like to go back to these times, read some chapters and doodle a bit based on it.

This was/is how my cousin, Lulu, looks. A little fox-thingy with a passion for drooling.

A big, big Sorowèl named Frederik wants to shield me, Luna, from the spider invasion. You can tell that I really liked Tiny Toons when I was little ;) The snake-ish thing on the right doesn't have something to do with the picture itself, it's a toy Lulu likes to play with.

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Some bones to remember

After the Christmas holidays, the supermarket around the corner had two leftover rabbits whose date of expiry had arrived, so I bought one and prepared its bones after we had a nice dinner. Not all of them survived the extensive cooking and bleaching, and the paws weren't included in the first place. I accidentally destroyed the axis vertebra, though. It's not super-correct in terms of anatomy, but for my first experiment into this direction, I like the outcome. :)

Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

Small snippets

Only quick and not really refined stuff in the last time, I hope I can use the Christmas vacation to really work on some drawings and concepts again.

My character Rreyagae is under construction for years now, and I really need to settle with some design since his backstory and personality are waiting since an eternity ;) I wanted to do a last picture with his current looks, and here he is, swirling up the dust of a uncomfortable corner of the Ksyrix. The moon that hangs on the forever veiled skies resembles a pupil that never changes its position or even blinks, so you're always tempted to look at it again...
Next iteration of Rreyagae. It's a good direction, but too floral. In fact, he's entirely human, but came in contact with a Kaenam, a living mask, which slowly turned him into this. It didn't happen randomly, though, since he underestimated a fellow named Ival when he tried to exploit his vocation skills. Ival wanted him to turn into what he truly is, and it's something that's only a bizarre and twisted shadow of a human anymore.

Quick thing from a break at work. It's a "low budget destroyer" and was vocated with the biggest efficiency (= as cheap as possible) in mind. The swelligs on its chest react to pressure changes and explode when they're compressed, so when the Phantasma reaches its destination, it crash lands on it and takes it down with itself. The poor creature lacks everything that does not serve its purpose - only very limited senses, no digestive tract, hardly any structure at all. It can stay airborne and fly for some hours before dying of exhaustion, which is what will happen if it gets lost or needs to struggle against air currents too much.

Happy holidays everyone :)

Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

City Night Line

While on my way home from work, this popped up in my head. I'm going on another night train ride soon and this time, it's City Night Line 419, which has legendary status for me ;) Several years ago, my night train addiction started on that line, and I like to travel on it at least once a year to bring back the memories. Going home for christmas is my last chance in 2013, and boy am I going to use it. It's only two hours till my hometown and I'll be up all night for those two hours, but I'm happy that way. :) Seems like this is fairly close to the name of this blog - Blogger's internal jpg compression ruined the textures on the image, though.

Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

MORE SNOUTS (and some mouths)

A dream has come true and it's now gracefully resting on my desk. Over the course of the last year, I got more and more used to the Cintiq I use at work and I realized that I drew less and less on my Intuos at home because at some point, there's no turning back. The immersive power of a Cintiq is unprecedented, and so I gathered all my courage and money and... well, here it is, and my already not-too-long nights are getting shorter and shorter ;)
Until now, I rather sniffed at what I can do with this device because there's this rather irrational fear of scratching the screen with every stroke. x)

The Atticus got its second phenotype, and although it's only a first test, I already like it very much. The crests are a bit difficult to place nicely when it turns its head at big angles, but we'll see what the next iterations bring.

A small snippet of my headworld. Tristan and Adrian made it out of the underground alive, but what's next? This grass plain doesn't look too friendly either when it's freezing and devoid of anything edible. There's actually a reason why Adrian is as good as naked (besides that I like to draw shirtless men) - he gave all his clothing to his little brother who lived through that many hardships over the course of the last weeks that he's not too far away from death anymore.

This is Kyrronir, a corioalar character of mine who's around since 2005. I forgot some small details, but doesn't matter. Had fun. :) Remember what I said about long-snouted mixtures of dromaeosaurid, rodent and canine anatomy with opposable thumbs? XD