Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

Small snippets

Only quick and not really refined stuff in the last time, I hope I can use the Christmas vacation to really work on some drawings and concepts again.

My character Rreyagae is under construction for years now, and I really need to settle with some design since his backstory and personality are waiting since an eternity ;) I wanted to do a last picture with his current looks, and here he is, swirling up the dust of a uncomfortable corner of the Ksyrix. The moon that hangs on the forever veiled skies resembles a pupil that never changes its position or even blinks, so you're always tempted to look at it again...
Next iteration of Rreyagae. It's a good direction, but too floral. In fact, he's entirely human, but came in contact with a Kaenam, a living mask, which slowly turned him into this. It didn't happen randomly, though, since he underestimated a fellow named Ival when he tried to exploit his vocation skills. Ival wanted him to turn into what he truly is, and it's something that's only a bizarre and twisted shadow of a human anymore.

Quick thing from a break at work. It's a "low budget destroyer" and was vocated with the biggest efficiency (= as cheap as possible) in mind. The swelligs on its chest react to pressure changes and explode when they're compressed, so when the Phantasma reaches its destination, it crash lands on it and takes it down with itself. The poor creature lacks everything that does not serve its purpose - only very limited senses, no digestive tract, hardly any structure at all. It can stay airborne and fly for some hours before dying of exhaustion, which is what will happen if it gets lost or needs to struggle against air currents too much.

Happy holidays everyone :)

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