Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Handful of sketches

Some more sketchbook stuff, less cartoony creatures this time.

The face of a new species of my headworld fiction. Its name will be something similar to "Eyuikuey", but I haven't yet settled on that. It is able to smell "three-dimensionally" with its two tongues, similar to the forked tongue of a snake, and the sail on its back helps to determine airflows like a fish's lateral organ. Their home range lies above the ever-so-often foggy and stormy treeline close to the Great Library, so they can't rely too much on their eyes when it comes to orientation and food-finding.

Another head sketch of the aforementioned plus Adrian welcoming Kreyim to his life. It looks like he's doing something else there, argh.

 A species called Kanerodoptrix, which lives in the humid depths of Eneriss' cave systems. It's the oldest thought-up creature of that fiction part and quite generic, but still ;3

A odd-limbed Phantasma without too much meaning, just sketching away ;)

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